The Year 2021.

It is here, the year 2021. A year that many have been anxiously waiting for. 2020 had enough in it to fill up an entire history book… I cant help but think, “wow, one day I will tell my (yet to be born) children about this year and they will have no idea what transpired. At least, not in the way I and many others did.” This must be the type of feeling our grandparents and parents feel when we youngins learn about past major events that took place.

Any who, how are you feeling about this new year? I truly hope you are hopeful that this new year will be an upgrade from the last. We all know that the many unfortunate events from 2020 will not just automatically disappear. However, we do know that we are fully capable of surviving many difficult circumstances and hardships. I do not wish to make light of all the lives that were lost or all of the oppression and evil that took place. I simply wish to encourage and bring light to us all after experiencing such a dark year.

I have always been a positive person by nature. Although, I will say that last year put me to the test. With this new year, I can’t help but shake this feeling that I will personally have some big wins and that is what I choose to hold on to. I have heard so many people say that we must speak our happiness and success into existence, throw a ton of prayer and reliance on God in there, and I think that they are onto something.

The last few years, I have felt as if I was floating; really trying to figure out how to find my place in the world. I believe this will still be part of my journey. However, I’m feeling a change from within that is exciting. In less than two days, I will be 25. TWENTY-FIVE people! I don’t know why this number has thrown me though a loop, but it has me thinking and planning and sweating a bit if I am honest. LOL.

For many, this age is not that big of a deal. I have friends who turned 25 this year and seem to be just fine with it. I, on the other hand, am like “Hello! 25 is a quarter of a century!!” I realize I have so much life to live still. I have career goals that I am currently working on, I have the strong desire to meet my person – the man I have literally been consistently praying over for 11 years now, as well as, the desire to travel to aalllllll the places, amongst many other goals.

My thought process is this: make things happen before I am thirty. So folks, I have 5 years to make things happen. Don’t be alarmed, I’m not setting myself up for failure by saying I have to conquer all the things before I’m 30. I realize that within the next 5 years, unforeseen circumstances will affect my course of life. I will evolve as a person, major life events will occur, unexpected failures will happen, etc. That is life my friends. I’m a glass half full type of person though. 🙂

Another major factor that entirely influences my life is my relationship with God. He alone, is the one and only influence that will make or break my life quite honestly. I have been a Christian since the age of 3 ( yes, I do remember asking Christ into my heart). My life has been surrounded by God’s love, grace, and guidance. I am by no means perfect and I have made many mistakes and transgressions. Yet, my God loves me and wants the very best for me because he has a purpose for my life (Jeremiah 29:11).

I’ll admit, I have struggled and have hit some of the lowest of lows that I do not wish for anyone – lows, I do not wish to ever hit again in all realness. But because of the very promise my God has made me in regards to what will happen in my life, I choose to have faith and continue on. I choose to look at this year as a new beginning because that is exactly what it is. For me, I am going to quit hiding and being so consumed by fear of what others think of me.

Now, by admitting this, do not misunderstand. I do not plan to go completely off the rails! LOL. I simply wish do less overthinking and more doing. I am the only me in this entire world. I want to fulfill that. I challenge you to do the same. This world has so many distractions and harmful influences. I have definitely fallen into its trap. So what I encourage you to do is not avoid the traps because, quite honestly that just isn’t to realistic. However, climbing out of that trap, kicking, screaming, crying, fighting, etc., is what I encourage you to do. Do this for yourself and the ones who love you oh so much.

You were placed on this earth for purpose, whether you know what it is yet or not. Merely believing you were and that you will spend your life committed to your purpose is what I ask of you. Take this new year as a step in a new direction or in the same direction if you feel as if you are on the right course. Just don’t give up and go off course. It is okay to take a break or time-out, but reassess and get back out there to kick some butt.

There have been many New Years and there will continue to be more. 2021 is different though. It is different because it follows a year that many suffered through and greatly wish to say goodbye to. We have a long way to go from here, but be encouraged, you are not alone, and you are going to thrive. As always, I’ll be praying for you! 🙂

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