It’s All Unknown

In a world where all we want is clarity and purpose, we are constantly bombarded with unknowns and uncertainties. Is that not what we all as humans face? We face confusion and heartbreak, worry, and even depression. Life can really break us down at times because of how much of it is out of our control. In fact, to be straight with you, we really have no control at all. We will never fully be in control and know what is to come.  

Now for the comforting and uplifting part: God knows! We aren’t meant to know all things because that is God’s job. He is all-knowing and all-powerful. The unknowns that we are all so afraid about…? Well, they are known by Him. In fact, they are planned by Him. Could you imagine if we humans had the ability to entirely trust God without second guessing Him? Without taking “control” back from Him because we feel as if we can do it better or aren’t ready to give Him full control. 

It’s funny because whenever myself or others try to take control, I just picture God sitting back with his legs crossed and his arms folded saying, “go ahead, try it without me” and letting out a heartfelt chuckle like parents do when they know better. When I picture that, I just can’t help but pause and laugh at myself. I give myself one of those forehead slaps and think, welp… I’m not getting anywhere. I might as well just be treading water – continuing to waste my time and energy. 

The bottom line is that we are always going to be in a state of not knowing our future. In my own life, there are three major constant aspects that are unknown. 1) Being able to purchase a home to call my own. 2) Being able to buy a new car that is stylish, yet functional and reliable. 3) Meeting the man that I have been praying over for years now. The man that will become my husband and life’s companion on this earth. 

I am continually finding myself trying to will these three things, along with other things, into existence, when I ultimately know that I can’t just make them happen. I have no magic wand or miraculous powers. I do have God though. I have the ability to pray, read His word, and practice His commandments. I have the ability to take life as it comes and let God show me His will and plans for my life. I have the ability to surrender my life to Him. 

Man, it’s not always easy just letting go, I will admit. Let me tell you though, lately I have been challenging myself to dive deep into the Lords word. I’m really taking the time to pray over His word and asking that the Lord will open up my heart, ears, and mind so that I may understand what steps He would like for me to take as I walk through this season of my life. 

It’s funny, but I had a revelation earlier today. You know that C.S. Lewis quote that says “A woman’s heart should be so close to God that a man should have to chase Him to find her?” Well I have always loved this saying, but I never thought about it in the reverse before. “A man’s heart should be so close to God that a woman should have to chase Him to find him.” In regards to the third thing that I listed previously, this revelation gave me a “stop you in your tracks” kind of moment. 

Of course I want to pursue God regardless, but maybe once I finally throw my hands up to Christ, surrendering to Him and acknowledging that He knows what is in store for, maybe that is when I will actually be able to experience my unknowns. WOW! The answer is Christ people! Seek Him wholeheartedly with all your might and see Him bless you over and over.

I was so stuck in thinking that I was only diving deeper into my faith because I wanted God to bless me. Well, that wasn’t why, but it just felt that way. Now I have asked God to ignite a fire in my heart and soul again and boy I feel great! He has taught me to stop fighting myself and to let Him show me the future so I can let go of fearing the unknown. 

Today, I am encouraging you to do the same. Run to the Father and ask Him to reveal to you that He has so much in store for you. You have purpose and reason so let Him show you. Jeremiah 29:13 says, “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all our heart.” AMEN! Lord thank you for your love, devotion, blessings and knowledge of all things! Now go out there and seek Christ because you know He is worth every bit of your time and devotion! 🙂

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